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MAX HARDCORE - MaxWorld Video Magazine serie

Slogan: MAX HARDCORE - MaxWorld Video Magazine video serie
kategorie webu: erotika

Meet Mylena. This tiny fuck-toy had no idea what was going to happen when Max and Super Slut Candy Hill pick her up at an amusement park. She finds out quick, as Max reams her ass while Candy jams a dildo down her throat. In fact, she runs away! When a whore comes calling. When Jessica, a mainstream writer, comes calling for an interview, Max decides he's going to ask the questions. He whips out his hard cock and jams it down her prissy throat! Max even shaves her cunt while fucking her. Deep throat!! Cherry is right out of high school, and downright stupid. She falls for Max's tricks, as he turns her on her back, holds her down then reams her throat until she can blow the biggest spit bubbles in class! Max Hardcore secretly shot hot young slut Blair when she came over before, but she found out! But she's so dumb she does it again! Max stretches her ass out to unbelievable proportions! Watch her flex her ass-rose in and out as Max reams it!! He pastes her eyes shut with cum!

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